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Platte River Campground

Everyone loves to go out and get a good time, spend a vacation out in nature, and go through the thrill of living life to its fullest. But often, after the day of fun is done, we come back to a motel and spend a comfortable night in a setting we know well. In a way, a night in a motel room is very similar to one spent in your very own home. So why not push the envelope, why not go camping? If you’re a nature lover, and if you like being amongst the trees and animals, then it makes sense to extend that day of activities throughout the night as well. This is what’s offered to you at the Platte River Campground, and how you can spend a great night camping in the middle of one of Michigan’s greatest parks.

The Platte River Campground is a wonderful camping ground and is open all year round, offering you the best and most reliable place to sleep when you’re out enjoying the country side. We all know how great the parks are around the Michigan area, and this particular one is no different. Whether you own an RV or do it the traditional way, by using a tent and a few pikes, you can reserve your very own sleeping area on the campground allowing you to spend one night, or many nights, throughout the year. It’s not only for the high season either. If you like adventures, you can go there during winter and brave some harsher weather, giving you the perfect opportunity to prove yourself and your outdoors skills. All the services are available on site as well, including drinkable water and trash pickup at certain locations.

Whether you’re out by yourself, or organizing a whole group, you can be sure that the Platte River Campground has the space for you to relax and get some fun nights there. In fact, groups of up to 25 people can reserve all at once, and there’s even a backcountry campground in case you like backpacking. Of course, this is a very popular campground and as such you should make sure to reserve early. This can be up to 6 months in advance if you’re planning to go during the busiest season. This type of reservation is handled by the National Park Service and they regulate how many spaces will be available each year. Recently, they increased the number of spaces since demand was so high. For example, if you want to get a spot during summer, you should make sure to inquire about it by October 1st. That way, you can be sure to get the spot you want for your vacation. You won’t have to rely on other, perhaps less known campgrounds or staying locations around the state.

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Typically, reservations are made on a first come, first served basis, and the same is true if you arrive without a reservation. You can still get a spot if you don’t inquire in advance, especially if you don’t go there during the peak season, but it’s always best to be prepared. 25% of all the sites in this camp can be reserved, which leaves plenty out and available for newcomers. If you have a group, you can even reserve your spot up to one year in advance. This allows you a maximum of flexibility to ensure your group has the best time they can get. Note that lately some road construction projects have been going on in a nearby location which means some reservations aren’t available for every single date. Be sure to call up and find out if yours is.

So really, whether you want to go out to explore the Manitou Islands, the Pictured Rocks Trail or even the Appalachians, this region is filled with amazing places to go to and look things up. That’s simply a sublime camping ground, and you can be sure that spending the night at the Platte River Campground is something you won’t regret.

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